How the Edify Network happened ...

... We all live in a very busy world and the continuous bombardment of new technology, a myriad of social apps and interest groups all vying for our attention is eroding our most valuable asset, TIME.

There is an app for this and another app for that, but until now there has been no one place to consolidate and filter all the unnecessary business and social noise that collides with us daily.

As professionals from an array of differing industries our founders were acutely aware of this cacophony of modern commerce.


At the end of 2020 after a very difficult year of project disruption and having to adapt to a new remote way of doing business they came together to brainstorm with each other for an alternative solution to the way we network for business, search for resources and improve our skills.and how best to serve this solution to individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations. 

...and so the concept of the Edify Network was conceived!

Meet Our Founders

We are a diverse team of professionals with complementary skills and a range of proven expertise and experience


Patrick Mueangthang

Patrick started off in the film industry as a fight choreographer for famous movies like Ip Man, in between the various movie titles, he honed out his skills in business consultancy and digital marketing. Having realized that covid 19 literally reset the digital age, he is now at the forefront of promoting live-streaming skills to the masses to explore the re-education of the public into digital sales and information.


Lucien Paulsen

Lucien studied engineering then entered into a long and illustrious career in Software development. He has been involved in many projects with very big corporates and has risen to the top of his industry. Lucien also spends much of his time mentoring many emerging young programming specialists and has taken four young teams to compete at World Skills International..


Kurt Egelhof

Kurt is a retired Television Producer, Writer and Director. Having graduated in 1980 with a BA from UKZN, he is responsible for the creation and management of some of SA Television’s greatest assets – Isidingo, Backstage, Scandal and Generations amongst others. Today Kurt performs the role of mentor helping our young and aspiring in the industry.


Mark Simon

Mark trained in the engineering and design fields and spent quite a few years in various industries first as a designer then as a technology consultant and finally entering fully into the world of online business application design and architecture. Mark manages a company that maintains various web portals and client websites while progressing his work in community skills development solutions.

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