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“Edify Network seeks to provide an on the go platform for local and global business, to access all the potential partners and players needed to give any business at any point of its life cycle, the greatest possible opportunity to succeed.”

Be Part of the Digital revolution in HR resources!

Imagine a Virtual Global economy in a virtual workspace driven by Livestreamer and Video content, with connectivity and awareness at its roots to drive local businesses and individuals to connect in even the hardest of lockdowns and economic downturns. Reach every corner of the globe to access information that helps every business owner and supplier to connect and share.
A platform that protect you from scams and unnecessary ads
Now more than ever, remote resource information (RRI) is within anybody's reach as long as you have wifi and a mobile phone. You can make decisions on the Go, anywhere,anytime and anyplace.
Take control again of your life and connect with the right people!



Portal Features

Connection Tool
Connection Tool

Make useful business connections with the perfect associates, partners or prospective clients using EDIFYME the perfect networking tool. Our interface automatically evaluates the direct needs you have and offers only practical connections eliminating all the useless connections that offer no opportunities.

Communication Platform
Communication Platform

This robust feature filled communications platform offers multiple features ranging from quick targeted text chats to full live video lectures to multiple remote students. Holding your project meetings have never been easier with online whiteboards, screen sharing, linked resource repository and so many more features.

Skills Development Program
Skills Development Program

Improve your skills in your chosen industry, choose the best mentor to share his years of expert experience and gained knowledge in your language or if you are the one with all the knowledge earn anuity income while helping to prepare the next generations of experts in your industry.

Startup Incubator
Startup Incubator

No matter how great your business idea is, one essential element of startup success is your ability to obtain sufficient funding to start and grow the business this startup incubator network offers various finance models like crowdfunding, investor venture capital, angel investment and business loans.

Digital Repository
Digital Repository

Don't always need to build IT from scratch. Search our large repository of digital resources and pay much less than if you comission development or if your team has developed a unique solution add it to our Digital Repository and earn anuity income from it.

Project Gallery
Project Gallery

Upload your project portfolio, exhibit your best projects and set up your curriculum vitae using this inovative portal showcase. This extensive catalogue of work and skills will allow for you to select the best team to work on your new project.









Easy To Use And So Many Options!

The only portal that has what you need for business whether you are:

  • Wanting to improve your skills and learn from the best
  • A mentor with knowledge to share while capitalising on your efforts
  • A business owner looking for staff or contractors you can rely on
  • An entrepreneur needing a team to build your dream business
  • A small or medium scale businesses needing cost effective resources
  • A large scale businesses looking to expand but decrease expenses
  • A Governmental departments needing to out source work
  • An NGO or a Charity looking for support you can trust
  • Or even just a startup needing an the perfect incubator


* Already growing up 523,600

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Where Students seek the best mentors and together tender to work on great projects  and be paid while they learn.

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Have the most skilled team leaders instructing the most talented students tender to work on your project and save time and money!

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